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Easy Reference

Crochet hooks, circular knitting needles and standard knitting needles can all be stored easily in plastic pages tape to secure the tops of the pages, label them and place in a folder for easy reference.

Floral Finish

Artificial flowers can be used to great effect on gift boxes and bags. Just arrange the flowers on a box lid and glue them in place for a fabulous floral effect.

Needlework Tips - Keep It White

Always work the white areas of a tapestry or needlepoint design first before any other colours are added. White threads that are worked later can easily become discoloured by the threads surrounding them.

Needlework Tips -  Needle Pointer

Never leave a needle in your cross-stitch, tapestry or needlepoint, only in the margin of your work. A brief interruption can lead to lengthy time away from your work and a needle can rust, discolouring the threads around it.

Needlework Tips - Perfect Transfer

Pieces of tulle or net fabric can be used to trace patterns. Place the tulle over the design, trace the pattern, then position the tulle and trace the design again. Remove the fabric, then join the dots to transfer the design.

Needlework Tips - Quick Craft

Save all the coloured tissue paper you receive, then cut it into small pieces and glue it to boxes to create a colourful collage effect. Apply a decoupage glaze, which provides a thick, glossy protective coat, and use the boxes for storage or give them as gifts.

Needlework Tips - Save Your Scraps

Keep all your small scraps and squares of Aida cloth or other cross-stitch fabric. These can be used to create stitched decorations for greeting cards and gift tags.

Needlework Tips - The Right Length

When working needlepoint or tapestry pieces, ensure that your thread is no longer than 45cm (or approximately the length from your fingers to just below your elbow). This will prevent knotting and fraying of your thread.

Pressing Flowers

When harvesting flowers for pressing, pick the freshest blooms and wait until the morning dew has evaporated. Then sort the flowers into ones that are fleshy or less fleshy before drying them in your flower press.

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