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Gold and Silver Metallic Thread Ribbon

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*Please note - due to the variation in monitors and graphics cards these colours are an indication only*

Ribbons by Rosettes (Aust)

T and TS

Gold Metallic
T10 10mm x9m

T15 15mm x 9m

T22 22mm x 9m

T38 38mm x9m    
Silver Metallic
TS10 10mm x9m
TS15 15mm x9m
TS22 22mm x9m
TS38 38mm x9m


WS and WG

Gold Metallic
WG10 10mm x9m

WG18 18mm x 9m

WG38 38mm x 9m

WG50 50mm x9m    
Silver Metallic
WS10 10mm x9m
WS18 18mm x 9m
WS38 38mm x 9m


Gold Metallic
TSG22 22mm x9m

TSG38 38mm x 9m

TSRB38 38mm x 9m

Silver Metallic
TSS22 22mm x9m
TSS38 38mm x9m

MG and MS

Gold Metallic
MG3 3mm x50yds

MG6 6mm x25yds

MG10 10mm x25yds

MG15 15mm x25yds

MG25 25mm x25yds

MG38 38mm x25yds

Silver Metallic
MS3 3mm x50yds
MS6 6mm x25yds
MS10 10mm x25yds
MS15 15mm x25yds

MS25 25mm x25yds
MS38 38mm x25yds  
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